What is The Mole?

The Mole was originally a TV show first aired in Belgium and is currently in production in Bulgaria and the Netherlands (the longest running series of the franchise). In 2001, both the United States and the United Kingdom picked up the series becoming very successful. Due to lack of funding, the UK version was cancelled after 2 seasons, and after a 4 year hiatus, the US version concluded with Season 5. Australia is bringing back the series for 2013.

During The Mole, 10-14 contestants are chosen as players, but unknown to the contestants, one of them is the Mole. The contestants, as a team, must complete challenges worth a designated amount of money. During the challenges, contestants must try to figure out who is sabotaging them from within. At the end of each episode, the contestants take a quiz based on the Mole's personal life and their actions during that episode. The contestant, who scores the lowest on the quiz, is eliminated. Players have the opportunity to earn exemptions during challenges. An exemption grants a player an automatic free pass to the next round of the competition, but this usually comes at a cost to the team. When three contestants remain, the final quiz is taken. The contestant with the highest score on the final quiz is the winner and claims the money accumulated by the team during the challenges.

How to apply

On the home page, click register which takes you to the application. Fill out all the details and pay special attention to the last three 'Profile' questions as this may determine whether or not you make the cut.

How Contestants/Mole are Chosen

During the registration period, lasting two months, applicants will be tested and evaluated as possible candidates for the Halo Mole. The evaluation entails an audio interview via Skype and a simple test map on Halo 4 to determine a contestant's qualifications for the Halo Mole.

The Halo Mole

For The Halo Mole, there will be 10 contestants selected (9 candidates and 1 Mole). Each episode will consist of 2 challenges (along with short interviews), a quiz and elimination. Each episode should take no more than 90 minutes depending on the length of the challenges. We will film two episodes a day, meaning that any contestants must be available for at least 3 hours over the 4 consecutive days that we will be filming (times will be arranged to suit all chosen contestants but will take place in June).

YouTube Series

The Halo Mole will premiere on YouTube under the Halo Mole's channel (http://www.youtube.com/thehalomole). The series will be produced and released on a weekly basis starting three to four weeks after the contest and filming are completed. During the release of the episodes, there will also be clues released, both in the episode and as separate videos giving the audience hints at the Mole's identity.


The Halo Mole was created and is directed by James "JakFireDragon" Bristow and is produced by Dustin "Dust Storm" Pettigrew. The Halo Mole is a production of Cyberline Films.