Update On Our Progress

posted by: Dust Storm
on Apr 14, 2014

It's been an interesting past month for me and the work on the Halo Mole came to a stand-still for about a month while I moved and attended Pax over the last weekend. We are back into full production this weekend and will hopefully have something to show you this month. Some music or some other kind of assets we will be putting in will show up in some mole-related form, so stay on the lookout. We've pretty much wrapped up most of the music and still have some logistics to cover with highlighting certain parts of the challenges. While this process has been long and grueling for all of, hand in there. We promise to deliver the best we are able of producing.

Update 4 - Production Update

posted by: Dust Storm
on Jan 20, 2014

Since it's 2014, we wanted to give you guys and update on where we currently are in production. Due to overwhelming feedback we initially received, we're taking the time to flesh this out as best we can to make it a worthy Halo production. Details inside the video.

First Looks

posted by: Dust Storm
on Oct 27, 2013

Today marks the release of the first "First Looks" video featuring our first contestant Taiokaion. Every three days, a new contestant will be introduced: a possible traitor to the rest. Who do you think the mole is? You can find the First Looks playlist here.

Trailer Release

posted by: Dust Storm
on Oct 14, 2013

If you check our home page, you'll see that we've posted a snazzy little trailer to get your anticipation rising as some new videos are on the way very soon. No they are not the actual episodes, but some introductory material that will introduce our contestants and make a platform to launch the series at the end of the introductions. So if you haven't already seen it, check it out on our home page or on YouTube.


posted by: The Mole
on Jun 30, 2013

And so the final act begins tonight. Gotta love Challenge 11. People should have realized that I should have been scoring the goals. In my experience, I am well suited for it. Ah well!